Akai release is nothing compare to C3


Akai introduced some software for playing VSTs. Wow! Makes you respect C3 even more! Terribly under powered and restrictive. I am excited to work with the new build. Haven’t yet. Have to get through a couple more gigs before a lull, so I can work with the new build risk free. I am not a gambler. I try to update C3 during gig lulls. That’s just me.


I got VIP 3.0 as a freebie with my little Akai keyboard controller. It’s cool for just firing up virtual instruments really quickly and noodling through all my presets in one place. But I certainly wouldn’t try to use it for a live performance. A quick visit to either the KVR or Akai forums regarding this new release show it clearly has a LOT of problems. One guy told a story about loading it up onto a laptop, got it to a show, and the program had some colossal crash or failure to implement and he had to bail.

Akai seems to be taking on Native and going after the NKS thing, to try and control “all the instruments” with their hardware, or potentially others. It seems they’ve bitten off a bit more than they can chew.

Hopefully it will get better with time, but I don’t think it will ever be a robust performance solution like Cantablie has been for a LONG time.