Aisles First Mexican Tour with Cantabile

Hi everybody

Im back in Chile, more than happy with the performance of Cantabile during all the gigs we played in Mexico.

Every night we play with a stable and 0 latency system. I use a Mbox Pro 2 via Firewire. No clicks during shows, no errors.
Im also using Arturia V Collection Suite and UVI Workstation with DIgital Synsations and a free sampler plugins.

So… im glad it all went well… Next tour will be USA… of course with Cantabile.



Great to hear your tour was a success, with the help of Cantabile! Let us know when Aisles are back in/near the UK - I’d like to check you guys out live :slightly_smiling_face:


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I will !! as soon as i know the plans for the next year !!


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Nice! Will be seeing you soon :wink:

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Nice! I hope you guys come to San Francisco.

  • Paul
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Sounds good. Glad that Cantabile is working well for you. I’ve been delayed with setting my rig up due to work pressures, but hope to be doing it soon! :slight_smile:

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@jpgaete Awesome - pleased to hear Cantabile worked well for you!


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