AIR Xpand! 2 can be use in Cantabile, and how?

If I remember well, it is not a plugin, so can I use it in other ways?

I ask because it contains the only guitar with acoustic feedback I ever found, so far

I don’t really know why you are under the impression that AIR Xpand! 2 is “not a plugin”. Maybe you have a different understanding of what a “plugin” is - but in this context, we are discussing VST plugins (VST 2 and VST 3) that can either be effects plugins (feed audio through them) or instrument plugins (also: “VST instruments”) that you feed with MIDI data and get audio in return. All these are “plugins” that can be hosted within Cantabile.

So like any other VST instrument (plugin), you install Xpand! 2 and bring it into Cantabile by scanning your plugin folder and adding Xpand! 2 as a plugin to your song or rack. Connect MIDI and audio routes and use it.

What specifically is your problem?



I used it at the time (5 years ago) of AIR Ignite that is not a plugin
I confounded the two
now I installed it and I’ll test it
the sound is so-so, but it has some interesting instrument