Air Expansion Pack $9.99

Just thought I would point out this blowout sale of 3 Air Products. Must be a bargain for somebody?

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I read somwhere that some Air products automatically install old iLok software that override newer ones and users had all sort of plroblems.

Can you provide a link?

Haven’t seen that and the iLOK installer should itself not override a previous version, and if it does you can always put the latest version on yourself…

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Happened to me, installing Loom 2. I then re-installed the latest iLok package, not a real annoyance.

I have 20+ iLok plugins on my studio computer but since I always have in mind to use it live I try to avoid iLok.
If I choose an instrument/FX I always check if a non iLok tool fits the purpose. Thats why most of my iLok plugins are redundant (except Gullfoss).

Sounds weird. My music-PCs are BSOD free. I have lots of VSTs iLok protected, too.
It’s me? Maybe the tweaks made with love?
I don’t know, just luck?

I’m also using i-Lok with no issue. It’s tempting to buy more licenses just in case I want to gift them. For a musician just getting into VST’s this package covers a lot of ground.

EDIT - I tried to find the link for what I saw a few days ago on pluginboutique which if I recall correctly was Velvet, Hybrid3 and Expand 2 for $9.99. Don’t see that offer now.

Sorry, I forgot to post the link!

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I overheated the and Google’s servers looking for this offer :rofl:

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I’ve used Hybrid quite a bit over the years. Lots of great presets although selecting one from the various banks is a bit fiddly. Velvet- no, I have other EP apps I like better, and MiniGrand- the same as for Velvet.

Due to currency conversion, I paid 16% less than $9.99, a good deal. Plus, Velvet and MiniGrand are not at all CPU hungry.

I love the AIR Music Technology products. Xpand2 and Structure are two of my go-to instruments and unquestionably a great value for the few dollars you spend. ILOK is a pain, but has never been a problem for me in a live performance setting.

Indeed, there will be better out there but a bargain for somebody on a budget who does not already have equivalents. :slight_smile: