After touch to pitch bend

Always wanted to do this as it frees up the left hand when playing a lead line.
Was happy to note that Cantabile can do this via an expression and set that up on my keylab 61, which has after touch .

I hit a problem through.

It does work but won’t return to a zero state and my keyboard ends up a couple of semi tones out.

Anyone else encountered this and is there a fix?

Can you show the details of your expression binding?

Cheers, Wil do. Am just away from it at the moment but will post something in the morning :+1:

I’m using AT → PB on several songs, and it works great with my Nord Stage 3, and my Studiologic SL73. If it’s not returning to zero, perhaps data is being dropped? This can happen if you are using a MIDI5 physical hookup and have a lot of other things going on in the pipe.

For pitch control, I find it useful to map a slightly truncated range of AT, so that the pitch change is easier to control – i.e: Channel Pressure = 30-111 is mapped to PB = 0-8191, etc.

I, too, use AT to PB all the time. I’m using a midi filter rather than a binding. No issues. I also put Fluid Pitch in the chain so it bends a half or whole step in the specified key.

Yes, to be clear: I’m using a filter, not a binding, for AT → PB.

I used the expression that’s recommended in the Cantabile guides but removed it as it didn’t work.

Busy setting up for my first gig with Cantabile so don’t want to destabilise anything at the moment but thanks for all the feedback. I will get back to you all once I’ve done this gig.

I just remembetred that when I first set up AT to PB, the PB range in the filter defaulted to 127 (or was it -64 to +63). But PB goes -8192 to +8191. No concept of negative values for AT, so map the range 0 to 8191. Assuming you want AT to bend up.