AEOLUS organ vst3

Recently I discovered a nice modeled pipe organ (vst3) - the AEOLUS project.
You can find it here:

For someone who tries to play classical pieces only every now and then (like me) this may be a good alternative to the more expensive Organteq.
Here you can hear it in action:

To make it work with Cantabile I did the following:

  1. I had to disable automatic GUI upscaling from the right click menu of the plugin (compatibility settings)

  2. There are no presets in the common sense but so called “steps” (1 … 32) that react to program change messages.
    You have to prgram the steps and apply it to the numbers with “set + number” in the lower range of the GUI.
    Then you make rack states (I made a linked rack before) and with the following binding the rack states send program change messages.
    Now you have “presets”.
    (See images below)

In addition I mapped CC11 to CC7 to have slightly control over the output volume.

It works fine so far and however, another step to replace sampled instruments.


Forgot to mention: The preset system I used was “Use Plugins Programs” - don’t know if it makes a difference.
I ported it to my backup computer and all was there; only copied the songs and the rack.
It works with v3 and v4 of Cantabile (may be I don’t have the latest version of v4 installed).

Hi Ukm,
I installed it very recently as well, however the vst3 did not produce sound. Vst2 was ok, any explanation you can think of?

difficult to judge from a distance, I didn’t try out vst2.
I assume you have set the proper MIDI channel and made the settings on the manuals.
If you do not assign it to “step” (set + number) it won’t be recalled next time you choose the song/state.

Do the meter(s) on the plugin GUI move when playing?
Do the Cantabile meters show activity?

Perhaps you can try out the standalone version first. I haven’t done it since it worked at a glance.


Up to the Aeolis plugin everything works fine; I see the meters moving in Aeolis,but not sound output. In the end Vst2 is fine as well, like the plugin,

I remember that several times when I replaced a vst2 plugin with vst3 in a linked rack I got a message with "output configuration has changed …) or something like that. May be that vst2 and vst3 version have the same plugin ID an there is something different that can cause problems.