Adjusting plugin gain

I’m sure this must have some up earlier so if this is the case, please just point me to the relevant thread.

My question: Is there an easier way to adjust gain control than dragging the gain sliders? I’m using the touchpad on my laptop and it’s extreeemely (no typo, the extra e’s were intentional) difficult to accurately set the gain that way.

I don’t want to add a mouse or other type of pointing device to my setup because that would require a surface to place it on. Is there an easier way to accurately set gain control. It would be great to be able to just type in the value or something similar.

I don’t have the software near me but I’m pretty sure almost all values can be typed in- just double-click (or press and hold) in the value field and then type in “-1.6” or whatever you want.

Why not bind it to your controller?

I run into this problem as well, trackpads make it very hard to get the slider (or anything really) exactly where you want it. Often what I’ll do is create a binding, set the parameter to exactly what I want, fire the binding, then delete the binding. You can’t just double-click in the value field because as soon as you let go of the mouse button the slider window disappears. It’s the same for speed/pan/fade.

I sure hope there’s an easier way to do this and someone comes and tells us what it is. :slight_smile:

I do bind the gain to a controller when I need to adjust it while playing. But I’m talking about adjusting sliders (for media players, plugins, racks…) when I’m creating or editing a song.

If there is no other, more convenient way to adjust these sliders, could I make a feature request to add the possibility to type the value manually, @brad?

I’m not at cantabile at the moment. But can’t you set the value by entering a number using quick access?

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@FantomXR I don’t think so… at least I don’t know how.

select the slider you want to adjust

type the numeric value you want

press “A” when finished to assign it to the control


Thanks @dave_dore, I will try it in the morning!


Cool, I didn’t know that one :smiley:

Ok, I tried and it works. Thanks again for you help

A follow-up question. How do I set a negative (left) pan value using this method? I can set positive pan value, say for 45% right, clicking the pan icon and then 0 > 45 > A. I tried typing -45 for 45% left but that does not work.

It works here. I used -45>A and it worked fine. Are you on the newest build Herman?


Sorry, my mistake. It’s working. Thanks, @dave_dore