Adding plugins affects nothing in voicemeeter and resets with error code every time its closed- help

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Using voicemeeter potato; and x86/32 bit versions of reaplugs. Loading it up the first time everything works fine, get all the plugins routed properly back to the mic etc. When everything is set up, I check voicemeeter to test if anythings different and nothing is affected through the mic.

I even set up a gate and tried making it so it needed to be super loud to get past and it doesnt work. (This gate also has a bug that causes the software to crash if you try typing while its up to add a gate for keyboard clicks)

Ive reinstalled 3x, tried both versions of plugins, etc. None of the plugins seem to be affecting the mic.

THEN, when everythings set, if I close it down then try to reopen “error x” didnt shut down properly then have to choose the full reset and reload everything back in. I dont get whats going on and why everyone elses works just fine but my install just crashes constantly, doesnt affect the mic, doesnt save settings. Plz help.

Did you see my videos on using Voicemeeter Banana with Cantabile? Here is the playlist:

Why are you using the 32-bit versions of the plugins, if I may ask? Voicemeeter is made for 64-bit these days, as is Cantabile.