Adding 'Note as Controller' filter is filtering out other controllers

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I am adding a filter to convert any note to a CC127 to create an activity meter in my display software. When I add this filter all other CCs seem to be being blocked.

can you post the filter, it would help to see it.

Here you go. When the filter is not in place, then Expression pedal gets to my iPad via the ‘Thru’ output shown. When the ‘Notes as Controller’ filter is in place the transmission of the Expression pedal from the ‘Thru’ output ceases.
As ever, I’m open to it being my misunderstanding…

I can confirm this behavior - funky! Of course this could be solved with a second route for controllers only, but that shouldn’t really be necessary. Looks like a bug - @brad ?

Agreed, it’s not logical to me either. A simple binding would work though as an alternative …




Oh, I know I can get around it, but thought I should point it out. Sometimes a small bug like this exposes a more serious fault elsewhere. I feel it my duty to report! :innocent:

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Definitely a bug. Fixed for the next build.


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Thank you @brad!