Addictive drums, change beats in sync with metronome

I program different beats in different presets because i want to use it like an arranger (fill ins, intros, endings… ). My question is there any way to sync the preset change with the metronome bars?



Hi Marcelo,

I don’t think you can change the beats externally on Addictive Drums, you can build patterns on it that can be drag and dropped onto midi tracks in a DAW or played in sequence on the built in arranger, so not available in Cantabile. I have never tried to set up a custom method for something like this in Cantabile like this but I will think on it. The Strike virtual drummer from Air Music Technology does have the capability you were seeking in that it will play back patterns based on midi note messages that select the patterns (grooves in your case).



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I use my own plugin Topiary Beatz for that! Open source and free.


Whilst not the drum program mentioned by the OP, I think that BFD can also do that (need to check as I have not used it for a while).

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Thank you very much for the answers and ideas.