Add MCU potential to Cantabile?


I’ve been creating a simple MCU-compatible mixer Rack for Cantabile.

One of the things I would like to have implemented was level meter outputs to the control surface, but I hit a snag with implementing this.

The way the MCU protocol implements level meters is through MIDI channel pressure messages. But these are no ordinary messages…

What happens is that the data byte is broken down into the form [0 h h h l l l l] - where hhh represents the channel 0-7 to be addressed, and llll represents level.

I can’t see any way in Cantabile, as it stands, for me to implement the meters with this protocol.

Could a way to do it be considered for adding?

And if so…

…might it be worth opening up the whole gamut of MCU protocol within Cantabile? I can see so many possibilities if this were the case, including instrument names for each song populating scribble strips, for instance.



Nobody else interested in using an X-Touch (or other Mackie-compatible) as a Cantabile controller? :anguished: