Add break for racks

I really find the “Add break” feature for setlists useful for separating different parts of a setlist; for example apart from the songs I’m going to play for a show, I have a separate set of “utility” songs, appearing after a separator, for things like doing a full system signal/pedal check, soundcheck levels, line check etc.

However, I think the feature would also be really useful in rack states, for example to put clear separators in the rack state list between bright pads and soft pads, or to separate out rack states that are generic patches as opposed to states tweaked for specific songs.

Potentially also for song states too, for those of us who play songs with dozens of states - it could be useful to throw in a break to separate different movements etc. Last week I did a gig where we inserted some snippets of other songs into middle of one of our songs, to form a kind of medley, and in cases like that it would be nice to visually separate out the states for those inserted bits.

Would anyone else find this useful?




This is pretty much the same way I use it. I do use normal sets, divided with breaks, and at the bottom of the normal sets I have an “extras” break which may be called on impromptu. I also have a break after that includes on the fly wurlies, rhodes B3s, pianos, horns, strings…etc. All pre-loaded and instant. Much quicker than hardware, but I guess with C3, even a hard synth would be just as fast. I like the idea of snippets.

I generally just assign colors to do this.

To rack/song states?

To racks to differentiate. I never thought to see if you can reassign color in different states… huh.

Seems reasonable. Logged it here - sounds like something to do when I decide what to do with the default state stuff. Will need similar navigation smarts to skip over these items on next/previous.

I’m not at all sure I interpreted the original post correctly.


I guess we both missed a little something there, lol.

Hi @FredProgGH, @Corky

To explain: in the set list panel, you can insert a “break” - like a mini heading in the middle of the set list:

Neil’s asking about having the same functionality in the states panel.


Thanks Brad. I finally understood after my third read over. (Sorry Neil). I do like the idea though.


OK- I was sort of right lol I didn’t realize you could insert a label. It is a cool idea. Not essential, but I could see it being pretty useful.

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