Adapting bindings when plugin is replaced

This should be fairly straightforward:
A plugin is updated with a new revision.
You make the swap in Cantabile and the links to bindings are broken. In this case, it’s not even a binding to the plugin, but to the Cantabile gain slider for that plugin.
So, specifically, Guitar Rig 4 is updated to Guitar Rig 6. The gain on the rack has gain automation linked to a transport position. When Guitar Rig 6 is substituted, gain is no longer an option, requiring the positions to be copy/pasted in from the Guitar Rig 4 version.
This actually has nothing to do with the plugin, but with Cantabile remembering what the Cantabile gain slider is bound to, even if the plugin changes.
What have I missed? :slightly_frowning_face:

Did you update plug thru Cantabile? Right Click on the plug and use Cantabile update.

Just did a ‘replace plugin’.
GR 4 is now GR 6

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Glad you got it going

Sorry - I was not clear. But I do have it going. I’ll describe issue for the benefit of others who might stumble across the issue.

  1. The original song used GR4 with a binding to the Cantabile gain. This was controlled by Transport Position. i.e. turns the plugin up and down at the appropriate place.
  2. The plugin was replaced with GR6 using the ‘replace plugin’ function.
  3. The binding was not happy with this and limited functionality to on/off only. No gain control.

It was solved by replacing the plugin with GR5 and then GR6.
Freaky, but fact.

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I managed to replace (in my case the MIDI controller from Casio to a Nektar) by editing the song directly (same apply to hack).

I used Notepad++ (I’m software developer and this editor is part of my daily work) and found the lines that refers to the controller and replaced in all .song files.

Worked fine to me

Well this is very strange.
I was about to prepare a GIF to demonstrate the issue, and the issue was not there. Replacing GR4 with GR6 kept the bindings intact without the need to go via GR5. The only difference in my test setup is that GR5 is also installed, which it was not when the issue first presented itself.