Acoustic Samples B5- best way to set up rack states?

What’s the best/easiest way to set up rack states in an Acoustic Samples B5 rack?

Hi Lee,

It may not be the easiest but the most stable way I’ve found is to create the rack and load the UVI workstation, call up B5-v2.2 instrument and it is loaded to the first C3 pseudo preset available (usually Preset 1). I leave it set to that preset all the time and use the state changes and the state behaviors to change my patches. So I checkbox all the state behaviors for the B5 that I want to have remembered on the rack state changes. I edit the first state and when done create another state and then edit it and so on until I have all the state changes reflecting my various B5 setups. Stay away from the “Entire Bank” checkbox as it isn’t needed when doing this and has shown less than reliable results for some users as I recall. I don’t use it FWIW. When I’m happy with my rack state patches I lock the states as a check against me messing them up.


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I’m missing something. Here’s what I’m doing:

  1. Load UVI, B5 2.2. Create and save an embedded rack named “Organs B5”. Open the rack.
  2. Leave UVI preset/destination as Preset 1 for each State I create.
  3. Open B5, find a B5 preset I like, select it and name the Cantabile State the same as the B5 preset. For example, my first state is named Jimmy 1, which was the B5 preset I selected.
  4. Select the next B5 preset I want, create a 2nd state, keeping the UVI/Cantabile preset at 1. Save and close the rack.

I have the following State behaviors selected: run and bypass; selected program; gain level.

When I switch states, nothing happens. The B5 presets don’t change.

What am I doing wrong?


The way I described to you have to program your own patches. Using the preset system in B5 has proven tricky for some but might work for you, my B5 racks are hand programmed, no checkbox for the preset, every slider and switch from screenshots, drawbar settings from different publications and articles by other players. The presets are great in B5 but I had trouble using them in racks so that’s why i did it differently.


Ok, thanks for the clarification

No problem, a few others have had trouble with the B5 preset not saving on state change so I checked every states behavior box from the main interface, The drawbars, vibrato, perc, distortion, reverb volume … etc and left the preset box unchecked. then I made my states one at a time.


Ok, I’ve been working with it for a bit. Works great following your suggestions :+1:. For each preset I wanted to create, I took a screen shot of the B5 preset I wanted to replicate and simply matched the settings with what I saw in the image.

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