Access to version 3?

Is there any way to get access to version 3? I see a lot of discussion on it and am wondering. I have downloaded the trial version of 2 and it’s not exactly what I need. V3 seems to fit the bill and have the flow I am looking for.

I really want to get away from using a DAW or mainstage for live playing. Thanks for any info provided.

You need to have purchased version 2 to gain access to version 3 development builds. Sorry…try pm to brad the developer.

Thanks! I think I will just make the purchase and hope for the best.

V2 is close to what I am looking for. I’ve tried everything else and will be using a PC from now on.

This looks to be the only option I have left. I totally dislike Forte. I like Mainstage but will not use a Mac.