Abynth Interface not working in Cantabile 3

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Hi all,
Been using Cantabile for a while and really like it. But some recent update seems to have caused an issue with NI Absynth, which I use a lot. I am no longer able to access the various pages of the Absynth interface when it’s loaded within Cantabile. It works fine in standalone, or in my DAW. My other VI’s also seem to be working just fine.

I tried changing the “use high resolution UI” option to see if that might fix it, but that had no effect.

This is in Windows 10x64 Creators update (most recent version), and has persisted through a couple of minor updates to Cantabile - I’m now running build 3272. Anyone else seen this issue?


Yup, same here. Seems Cantabile doesn’t react to the fact that Absynth completely re-draws and re-sizes its GUI when changing the page. Tested it with Studio One - redraws perfectly there.




Fixed in 3275 - available now.


Wow, thanks Brad!

That’s some killer responsiveness.


Oh, actually, seems I spoke too soon. The issue is persisting for me in 3275


Are you sure you’re running 3275? It’s definitely working fine here for me now.


Yep, it’s 3275.

Not sure why there’s a discrepency.


Hi Mike,

Hrm, weird. Just to clarify - all I’m doing it clicking around in the page selectors at the top. Is that what you’re talking about or something else?

Here’s what I’m seeing



Hi again,
Yep, that’s what I mean. When I click those buttons the pages of the interface do not change.


Hi @mesayre

I think I figured out by accident while working on the mac port why we’re seeing different things here. If you install a new instance of absynth in 3275 the buttons don’t work. If you load a song with an absynth already in it, it seems to work fine.

I’ll take another look at it and see if I can figure out what’s going on.



I get the same thing. Saving the song and then loading the song file makes Absynth work correctly. Thanks for persisting.


OK hopefully this time it’ll be fixed properly. Build 3276 available now.



Hey @brad

yes, Absynth works for me now - but a similar problem persists with the RolandCloud plugins (D-50 et al). Whenever they change the layout of the plugin (expand to display an editor, contract to hide a keyboard), Cantabile doesn’t recognize this - it requires closing and re-opening the interface.

Again, Studio One displays perfectly - looks like Cantabile has its own funny way to deal with plugin window resizing :frowning:




Thanks Torsten - I’ll check it out.

I don’t think there’s anything particularly unique about the way Cantabile handle’s plugin GUI’s, but some plugins do seem to be sensitive.

eg: that problem with Absynth was caused by Cantabile asking the plugin for it’s size twice while opening the editor. Ask once and all is fine. Ask twice and Absynth freaks out and forgets how to behave. Weird.



OK checked out D-50…

Instead of requesting the host to resize the plugin editor like it’s supposed to (aka audioMasterSizeWindow) D-50 just grabs its parent window handle and resizes it itself - which doesn’t work if there’s other child windows etc…

I’ve put in a change that watches for “unexpected” resizes on that window and manually invokes a proper resize. Will be in the next build.



@Torsten Build 3277 should fix the resize issues with D-50. Let me know if you find any others that misbehave.


Great, thanks for this Brad