Absolute beginner

Hi all. I’m a very very amateur musician (use the word musician very loosely) that likes playing with the tech more than playing the music.

Please help…I am struggling. In the past have used Brainspawn and so I am probably troubled by the terminology more than anything else.
The scenario is:

1 song

Intro verse bridge chorus bridge2 verse chorus outro…8 “scenes”

3 vst’s are used…piano sound…string sound and orchestra sound

“intro” uses just the piano

“verse” is a combination of piano and string sound etc etc

To change between these “scenes” I pressed a button on my controller keyboard (A800) to change scenes forwards or backwards

I am really struggling to get started…I have got may keyboard to talk to the vst’s so I know I have audio but could really do with a dummies guide and step by step approach to helping me if anyone has the time or patience please?

Hi Neil,

To setup this in Cantabile, take a look at states:


Roughly these are the steps:

  1. Create a new Song
  2. Add each of the plugins you need.
  3. Create 8 states, one for each song part. Intro, verse, etc…
  4. In each state, enable just the plugins you need. You could either suspend the plugin, or better turn off the MIDI route that connects your keyboard to each plugin (that way you won’t get cut off sounds).
  5. You should be able to cycle through the states (double click them on-screen) and get the different combinations of plugins you need.
  6. You can then create “bindings” to cycle between the states via a MIDI button. In the bindings tab, create a binding and set the source to your MIDI button (use the learn function) and select next state as the target. Once bound you should be able to press the MIDI button and jump to the next state.

That’s the basic scenario. States are somewhat similar to Forte’s scenes. Going deeper, suppose you have a number of songs that all use the piano plugin. Rather than putting an instance in each song, you can put the plugin in a linked rack and then use the rack in each song. That way, switching song’s will be fast since it won’t need to re-load the plugin - it’ll just re-use the rack across songs.

I hope this helps - I need to do some walk through videos on all this but right now I’m focused on everything else involved in getting v3 released. In the meantime - feel free to ask questions.


Thanks Brad. I’m using V3, we talked earlier it was better to do that than learn 2 with 3 coming out shortly.

This is where the idiots guide is needed…

What are the steps to “Create a new song”? and what are the steps to “create” the states? I think once I get my head around these basics I’ll be away


Hi Neil,

Try this for starters:

create new song and populate with plugins

create a new state to hold your current settings by pressing “Song States” button in left/top panel and then pressing “New State”

name your state and press ok and then populate with plugins and settings

create another state by pressing New State the previous state will auto save if set (default is autosave)

Name new state

populate the state and when you switch back to the first state it will auto save the state if checked box here: (you can also update states manually with the Auto switch unchecked and use the Update State switch instead)

Hope this helps

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Brilliant, thanks Dave…that’s what I needed

Not had chance yet to play, major studio rehaul

Will attempt at the weekend after reinstallation

Just trying it out and have had vst failures when coming back to a song (please see picture)
It worked fine until I saved the song and reloaded it.

What am I doing wrong?

Is Cakewalk Sound Center proprietary to Cakewalk DAWs only?
I have Sonar Platinum - I’ll give it a try tonight or in the morning.


Hi Neil,

Any chance you can send me a debug log:

  1. Start Cantabile
  2. Reproduce the problem
  3. From the Tools menu, choose “Open Settings Folder”
  4. Close Cantabile.
  5. In the Explorer window from Step 3, locate the files “log.txt”, “log-previous.txt”, “plugins.json” and “settings.json” and send me a copy.


I did give it a try, but was surprised to see that my installation of Rapture Pro and Rapture Studio (the free version) replaced the Cakewalk Sound Center VST with the new Rapture VST3 interface, which now houses both Dimension Pro and Cakewalk Sound Studio sounds along with Rapture. Did you by any chance update between saving that song and re-loading it?

Just a thought…


I haven’t loaded any VST3 plug-ins as they caused too many problems in the past going from Sonar 5 through X1 X2 X3 and now producer