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Hi all, this is Paolo from Italy. I started making “computer music” in late 1978 playing small Bach sequences with a 6502 cpu board, while i was in high school. Later, I bought my first (and last) modular synth, the Roland System 100M, and a Apple II computer. So I started writing more serious sequencing programs, and building D/A boards to feed my Roland expensive monophonic synth with CV/Gate. It was more interesting than play an upright piano or church organ, expecially after I heard masterpiece Swithed-On Bach. Unlike most of musicians boys, I spent lotsof time as keyboard demonstartor (synth, mainly) in some stores and fairs in my area. Then I played live, only in my free time, being busy in work (hardware and software designer for industrial applicatios). I don’t remember all the keyboards i owned, my favorite is surely the Kurzweil K-series. Now I prefer the plugin, but I’m not a compulsive buyer nor a collector. Hee is a list of used VSTs:
Synthogy Ivory II Grand Pianos
Spectrasonic Omnisphere 2
Native Instrruments Komplete 9 Ultimate
Native Instruments Noire Piano
DiscoDSP Discovery
Gforce software Minimonsta
Korg ARP Odyssey
Arturia Modular V and CS-80 V
ValhallaDSP VintageVerb
Waves IR1
Misc free VSTi and VST effects

DAW: Reaper and Cubase Artist
Host: Cantabile 3 (any doubt?)


Cool! S-o-B was a big influence for me as well.

Welcome Paolo,

My 1st computer was also 8-bit. I bought a TRS-80 model-1 in 1977, based on the Z80 microprocessor. It was fun to learn programing basics and then save those programs on cassette tape storage. Cutting edge technology at the time. :smile:

Like you, I also designed & built a hardware D/A sequencer for a Roland SH2000 that I owned back then. The SH2000 had no CV/Gate, so I had to tap into the keybed voltage circuit and customize my own CV/Gate. Fun times back then.

I never played professionally, but I did a lot of “play for beer” gigs in the 1980’s.

You bet, fun times :slight_smile:

Well, S-o-B for synth and (later) Pink Floyd, changed my musical life… mind

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