Ableton Live anyone?

I bought a copy of Ableton Live 9 a couple of years ago. It’s installed but I’ve never taken the time to learn it. Has anyone used it for gigging? Comments?

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I still use Ableton occasionally. I used it live several years ago, but there is quite a learning curve to it. This was before I re-tried Cantabile after 3 version. Ableton is really a master at running a complete show with lyric teleprompters. lighting, and many stems. I learned a lot about it watching YouTube videos of how Mega-Churches use it in their huge productions. I don’t run sound files, or lights (yet), or huge productions. So, for me just playing live, in my small area of the world, C3 fits the bill. However, Ableton is quite an amazing product for many things.



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Used it a lot in sync with Cantabile.
Super-suitable for live long lounge-like performances.
Ableton has no competitors in sync-looping, sample management and tons of other build-in features.
And there is big amount of hardware (such as Novation Launchpad, Curcuit, Ableton Push etc) preconfigured for use with Ableton.

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…lounge performance is something I’m working towards. Any suggestions for Ableton tutorials on the basics? I messed around with it a little and got quickly overwhelmed.

Try this basics:

Also there is a lot of interesting tips & tricks at "Berklee Online"
such as:

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