Ableton Live Alternative

Band with no bass player or backup singers
Backing tracks with click and vocal triggers over three different channels

Create click panned hard R in DAW
Create backing vocals and bass mixed down mono panned hard L
Create vocal triggers like “Chorus!” or “Bridge!” 1 measure before such transitions. Panned hard R. Find them at Loop Community for free.

Mix down R/L click and bass/vocal backing tracks to one MP3 using DAW range of measures (like measures 2-125 for example). Mute vocal triggers. Call it like “1 Uptown Funk.mp3”

Mix down R/L same measure range (2-125 for example). Mute all but vocal triggers. Mixdown again and call it “1 Uptown Funk TRIGG.mp3”

Open Cantabile 3.0 and create 2 Media players
Player 1 uses R/L of Audio interface via ASIO4ALL.
add “1 Uptown Funk.mp3”. Set up midi triggers for play, stop, previous, next
Player 2 uses Laptop headphone out via ASIO4ALL
add “1 Uptown Funk TRIGG.mp3” Add Media Player 2 to the same midi triggers previously setup.

Audio interface R = click to drummers headset L = Backing Tracks to soundman
Laptop Headphone out R = vocal triggers to soundman to be routed prefader to musicians’ headsets.

When drummer hits next, previous, play or stop, both mp3’s are perfectly synchronized. Load time is immediate Drummer only scrolls with midi trigger through songs.
Result is separate Click, Backing tracks, Vocal triggers routed respectively.

We are using this setup at this time. works well.

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Nice write up - makes sense.