Ability To Mute Microphone Audio That Passes Through Headphones


Is it possible to add the ability to mute the output to headphones but still process the audio output.
I Don’t wish to hear/monitor my my voice through headphones with all my effects added.

Many Thanks,

Hi Digital-Amiga -

Welcome to the Cantabile forum! This is exactly the place to ask these kinds of questions, and you’ll find that most of the responses come from experienced users of Cantabile …

In my case, I always run two separate output ports for “Primary Out” and “Monitor Out” this lets me control not only the level of these two outputs independently, but lets me select which of the signals go to each of these output ports.

Primary Out generally goes to the house system.

Monitor Out goes to my headphones, or a little local monitor I keep on my rig table at gigs, or a real floor monitor.

There is one subtlety of my arrangement that took me a while to figure out (and can be skipped if you are getting started with this arrangement):
My main volume rotary encoder controls both the Primary and Monitor Outputs (so that reducing the Primary also reduces the Monitor). The monitor rotary encoder is an additional level control, in effect controlling the monitor level in relation to the main level.