Ability to color the Monitor pane Meter slots

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Hey All,

I was wanting to be able to pick the color for the Monitor pane audio port w/ meter slots. I know one user so far who asked about it and I wouldn’t mind it either. Anyone else that does please chime in! Would this be a big hassle @brad?




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You can do this in the theme.
I’m just not sure about what parameter to change

As far as I know you can only change the base color of all slots not each individual one you might have …

Ah i see.
Yeah i have mine colored flashy green with red top. It’s much more clear than the standard.

Sounds great Sven and it shows out well, I was hoping the coloring of each port slot would aid my quick glances for certain audio metering values while playing live. I have 3 that I check on …

Sounds reasonable… logged it.