Aberrant dsp "Tectonic"

Recently I bought “Tectonic” from Aberrant DSP (https://aberrantdsp.com).
I have several instances in instrument racks.
Now cantaile (v3, latest version) doesn’t start anymore and shows an error message (The module 'Tectonic* has caused an non-recoverable error and forces Cantabile to …).
I contacted the developer since there are problems with Studio One too (Win 10 64 bit; v5 latest version) but no success until now.
I have a working backup but I like to know what is going on here.

Are there different versions of the plugin you are loading? (e.g. VST2 vs VST3?) If so, try another version…

I’m really not up in this area … but I am guessing that Cantabile is loading the plugin in its own process space, which causes the crash of the entire DAW. I have read that Bitwig took pains to load plugins in different processes, so it is (relatively) immune to these type of issues. Don’t know what the overhead of that approach is (in CPU usage, development time, synchronization issues, etc etc).

This plugin is vst3 only; actually nearly all plugins I use are vst3.
I thought it must be something principle with implementing vst3 format since an error occures in Studio One and Cantabile. In Studio One the song still opens (despite of the error messages) but Cantabile stops working. Didn’t have such a behavior before.