Ab Switch Midi Controlled

Is there a way to realize an AB Switch with routing in Cantabile?
I have 2 effects chains and I would switch my input from A to B with a midi event (the signal should not pass in both chains simultaneously.
I also looking for a VST that can split but without success…
Thanks a lot

These are among the most basic Cantabile functions. I strongly suggest you review the guides and videos on the Cantabile web site, under the Support tab. I think seeing the screens and diagrams will be much better than a long explanation.

I think you can do everything you are asking for with Routes: split, toggle, filter, logrithm or linear controls. Routes are the “wiring” for Cantabile. Take a look here:


Hi RackedBrain,
thanks a lot for your reply. I see the video, It is an introduction.
Midi capability is not available in Lite mode and at the moment I’m not planning to use any other (very intresting but not for me now) advanced feature of other version.
So I need to find a direct midi controlled vst at the moment…