A triplet of nuisances

There is a way to avoid this error message after deleting a project?

And, there is a way to have the output not defaulted when I add a plugin?

And there is a way to make the Recording option more user-friendly?
For example, a light blinking during recording…
I read the manual, but I often end to stop the recording instead of starting it, or not starting it at all :upside_down_face:

I’ve had trouble with this myself - that somewhere Cantabile hangs onto old paths for recording sets. You might try editing the settings.json file - if you find there’s an entry for previous recording set you can delete it.

I had this problem and stumbled on the answer - it’s certainly not obvious. Go to Tools >> Options >> Audio ports, select Main Speakers, and uncheck the Default box. (You can do the same for Main Keyboard under MIDI ports.)

Yeah, i also struggled with not knowing whether i was starting or stopping the recording.
Under Options>>Hot keys, I changed the function of the R key from Toggle Recording to Start Recording, and added a mapping of Shift-R for Stop Recording.
And if you’re like me and forget to start recording in the first place, you can make a binding to start recording when the program is started or on loading a certain song or when you start the Media player.

– Jimbo

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