A significant Feature Request - Brad please!

I have setup Bindings in the background rack to control the gain on racks using sliders on my keyboard.

This works well.

Except sometimes I have bare plugins or media players in my “song” - and then the “Rack By Index” bindings don’t work. Which makes sense.

So I wonder if we can also have an option for “Object By Index” so I can control the gain on embedded racks, plugins and media players in the song?

Does this make sense - and is this possible?


A workaround for this would be to route the output of each bare plugin into its own “empty” embedded rack, which internally simply routes the audio inputs to the audio outputs. Then your “Rack by Index” bindings would control the gain of the empty rack that the plugin feeds through. It would clutter up your routing screen a bit, with the extra racks, but I think it would achieve what you need.



Yes, that’s true. And fine for single plugins. A little more awkward for media players though where you might want the play/stop controls on the main song screen…

I’ll try it out though…

Hi @WeepingBoil

You can already do this with “Plugin by Index” and “Media Player by Index” - is that not covering it or am I misunderstanding.


Hi Brad

No, not quite.

I’ve set the bindings up in the background rack so I can use the faders on my keyboard to control the gain for the first 8 objects in a song no matter what they are.

If I load a song with just racks: all is good.

But if I load a song with a plain plugin or a media player in it as say the third item, then “rack by index” won’t “see” it and the remaining racks are out of place.

If I were to set the bindings up in a song then I’m sure I could get it configured correctly: but having them preconfigure in the background rack would be ideal…

Does this make sense?


This will be in the next build:

There are a variety of bindable settings. If the object in the select slot doesn’t support the binding it’ll be no-op. eg: binding “play” to plugin won’t do anything.


I am eternally grateful.