A rare request... A MIDI Filter warning sign?

Greetings, everyone!
While enjoying (a lot!) working with Cantabile, I’ve encountered a small difficulty with something I’d like to share with you, and see if anyone can provide help.

Due to the nature of one of my performances I needed to create a MIDI filter in an embedded rack in a song, where the “hold” pedal for my Keyboard controller acts as an “on/off” latching switch, rather than the traditional momentary one, so notes could be held as I turn my back on the keyboard and play another instrument, and get released as soon as I press the pedal again. I’ve been able to do so, and it works fine, BUT the thing is a couple times already I haven’t been able to detect whether the “hold” function was ON or OFF, and some notes kept lingering on Hold. Nothing serious, but a little bit annoying.

My question is: Is there any way that I could instruct Cantabile (Performer) to show a sign (maybe a .jpeg image of the sorts) whenever the MIDI filter for “Hold” is activated on that rack? Something that would give me a clear (and preferably BIG) visual feedback of when the HOLD function is ON, so I don’t depend on the rack’s patch timbre to be loud enough as to notice it…

I’m sure this is a most unusual request, I am thankful in advance for any kind of help in this regard…

Hi Juan,

Since you are already latching a CC you could create a copy of that route in your embedded rack and route it to the Onscreen Keyboard. Then you can use a logical expression to post a message whenever the switch was latched.

Example: Simple song level routing …

Linked rack input routes, both with the same latch filter but routed one to your destination VSTi and the other to the Onscreen Keyboard.

Next on a Controller Bar Button you can set it so it lights up when the latch is set

Now when the latch is set in the rack it will be highlighted when ON.

Latch is ON:


You can also use expressions to post a message when it’s latched using the controller bar button dialog fields or in a Show Notes message.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:



Thank you very much!!! Will try it and report!!