A problem with an audio interface driver

I’m using cantabile with an audio interface, M-Audio Fast Track Ultra, and have a trouble in using them. When I open Cantabile and the interface’s driver(Fast Track Ultra Control Panel) simultaneously, sometimes my laptop displays a blue screen all at once and restart by itself. However, I can open both Cantabile and the driver successfully after the restart. Are there anyone who knows why this happens or who has the same trouble as me? Let me know if you have any solutions for this problem.
For your reference, my laptop is Dell XPS 13 consists of Intel 7th gen Core-i3 processor and 4GB RAM, though I don’t think its spec matters to the problem.

In some cases the bluescreen tells you which file caused the crash. It that’s the case it might be helpful to tell us about it.

Thanks. I’ll check it next time.