A Path Towards A Clean Exit

For my live rig (under construction) I am running a 2U box basically headless (ie, no monitor / keyboard / mouse.) I have the system setup to use the power button to send the shutdown message. As a result, Cantabile is “unhappy” when I start back up, giving the error message “The last time Cantabile was run it did not shut down cleanly.”

Any suggestions on how to get it to not get cranky at shutdown / startup?



There’s a couple of things you can do. First, if it’s getting into this state because it’s stuck prompting to save changes and eventually just gets killed you can prevent these save prompts in Options → General:

Second, if it’s because the machine is being forcefully shutdown and Cantabile isn’t getting a chance to finish it’s exit, you can prevent the restart prompt in Options → Diagnostics → “Don’t check for clean shutdown”



Thank you! It is definitely the second one. We use a free utility at work called AutoHotKeys. I may opt to use a tiny bluetooth keyboard in my setup. If that is the case, I’ll probably write an AutoHotKey script so I can just press a key and have the whole thing shut down cleanly.


PS: I am just starting to “peek under the hood” of this thing you call Cantabile, and I must say that I am very pleasantly amazed at how well it works, how (after some learning) easy it is to set up, and how overall user friendly the whole thing is.

Thank you for your attention to detail!

Worth warning you - if I have Bluetooth enabled on my machine, I start to see spikes in the Cantabile load graph. Something to look out for…


Hello Rick and Neil,
to avoid the “spikes” I use a little integrated Logitech keyboard/trackpad combo. Never seen spikes using this thing up to now.

BTW i have a very similar system like the one used by Rick (apart that i use a monitor and the forementioned keyboard).


How would this be different to using the power button on the unit? Can’t you configure it to shutdown Windows - which should put Cantabile through it’s shutdown process too.


The only thing different would be I could actually force Cantabile to exit before the shutdown. If there are no issues (as far as Cantabile is concerned, that is) I could just continue to use the power button. That would definitely be easier!

Thanks again.


What is this “Load Graph” you are referring to?


I use that little Logitech keyboard/trackpad as part of my live rig. No problems, I hardly have to touch it other that starting up and shutting down. I know some people, with computer rigs like these, that use those little 10-key bluetooth devices. Not a whole keyboard, but if you only need a few keys …

I use the Logitech K400r little keyboard with the built-in touchpad. I love them so much, I have three of them! AND they are very affordable.