A nice ReaJS script for organ players

For those of us who love our Hammond VSTs but don’t any MIDI drawbars (or not enough free faders on their controller keyboards), I built a little JSFX script to use with ReaJS (free!).

It lets you define target drawbar positions with 9 sliders, then listens to CC1 (modwheel) and fades these drawbars in relative to the modwheel. It sends CC messages 12-20, which is compatible with Blue3 and VB-3 (upper manual). Any sliders set to 0 are ignored, so just set those that you want to fade in:


This setting will gradually fade in drawbars 4, 7, 8, 9 to give a bit more kick to the classic 888 setting.

Or to fade from 888 to full-out goodness via modwheel, use this one:


Here is the script:

midi_organizer.zip (661 Bytes)

Extract it to your JS MIDI effects directory and route modwheel data to it, then route to your organ plugin from it. It doesn’t forward notes or other data, so you’ll need to put it on a separate route:

It will ignore the MIDI channel of the incoming data and only output on channel 1 - Cantabile’s MIDI mangling capability is powerful enough that this little script doesn’t need to deal with that :wink:

Have fun!




Very nice Torsten !! :notes: :notes: :notes:

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Oh, one thing I just noticed: these drawbar changes actually change the organ preset in memory when you have your organ plugin pre-loaded, so the next time when you change to that preset (even in a different song!), it will be changed - so your 888 preset may actually currently be in full-out mode.

So take care to “clean up after you” - whenever you leave a song that uses this script, it’s advisable to reset all organ plugin states that may have been affected by remote-controlling drawbars.

One option to do this, when your organ plugin is inside a linked rack:

  • set state behavior for all upper drawbars to “on”
  • save all states - now drawbars are saved in addition to the selected preset; whenever you change states, drawbars will be restored to their rightful levels
  • when leaving such a song, send a state change to your organ rack to set it to a different setting and thus make sure levels get reset

We do want to avoid nasty surprises, don’t we?



That is a “fur sure”. Hope to be trying this out this evening at a gig so I appreciate the heads up. I am going to set it up and test it before though, as always.:smile: Thanks again.


Nice Job Torsten!
Those Rea scripts are very basic, handy and performant.

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