A new potential drawbar solution

I have converted to the studiologic world and am impressed with their products. I got the SL-88 and (since the newest firmware in August) it is amazing. I have been on the search for a drawbar controller and am coming up with nothing impressive for the extensive cost. Then studiologic comes up with the Mixface. I plan to order one as soon as it is released. The cool thing is that I can go USB out of my SL-88 to USB in to the Mixface which sums the signal to one USB out. Better yet, the Mixface communicate bidirectionally with the SL-88. It has bluetooth midi connectivity (but I am not sold on bluetooth midi yet).

Best thing is that it has 9 faders which they intended to resemble either faders or drawbars. Even if it is 300 bucks, it is still worth it as it integrates with my sl-88. Below is a picture of my SL-88 (on the bottom) that has a magnetic table that connects to it, and the Mixface has the same magnetic placement feature that is supposed to go to the left of the display. Can’t wait to see it, and use it


Here it is: