A lot of trouble with media player

Hey people,

I have a lot of trouble with the media player.

1.) I have a drum-groove which is a 4 bar loop but it has a length of 16 bars in total at 85BPM. I add a media player and load this file. In the file-edit-menu I set the tempo to 85 and also the song-tempo I set to 85BPM. I thought that cantabile automatically speeds up / slows down an audio file when changing the tempo. This is not the case here…am I wrong?

2.) I wanted to add a bass-line to the groove. So I started to record a midi file in cantabile. I hit the record button, start the groove and play the bass-line. Now I stop the recording, add another media player and add the new midi-file to the playlist. I had to adjust the play-range of the midi-file in the timeline. But I was absolutely not able to set it so, that both the midi file and the drumloop are in sync.

3.) Because I was quite frustrated about not being able to add a simple midi file which runs in sync with the audio, I opened up logic / ableton on my macbook and created the midi-file there which of course starts on 1 of bar 1 and ends on 4 in bar 2. I imported that midi file to cantabile with the result, that this midi file gets played way too fast! Also this doesn’t seem to react on song-tempo changes.

4.) And last but not least Cantabile does not take care of play-ranges when syncing the media player to the transport-buttons of Cantabile (right-click on mediaplayer and “Sync Mode”). I tried all different sync-modes. But it doesn’t matter. If I need a MIDI-file to start in the 2nd bar instead of the first bar this doesn’t seem to be possible. Cantabile starts the file (regardless if audio or midi) from the very beginning.

5.) Scrolling through the timeline (left & right) is not possible with a touchscreen…

Puh… the day started with some good vibes and I wanted to create a simple video to show some sounds… but after 3h of working on this simple thing the good vibes are gone… will wait till tomorrow.

Any ideas on this issues?


Hi Christian

Yes, you are wrong here … Cantabile does not do that at this time but maybe down the road. You can however adjust the audio player playback speed with the speed knob on each player. That might tweak it to usable, but no system wide tempo lock for audio available afaik.


Okay. This is not a big deal… I don’t need that feature at the moment… but those other things were annoying…