A free (simple) alternative to reafir-standalone

Hello all,

I’m really noob at this things of VST… I do some podcasts, video editing and mainly streaming.

I tried to use reafir to supress background noise but i don’t really enjoy it, as I get voice artifacts and it sound weired.

My question is: is there a better Noise supressor (free or paid), a simple option for a noob?

Thanks in advance.
José Luis

Hello again…

Does the NS1 Noise Supressor plugin from Waves, will work with Cantabile?

José Luis

Sure it will work in Cantabile. All you need is Windows x64 (I guess Windows 7/8 are not supported).

Yes, after you install the waveshell that goes with all Waves plugs you can run all Waves plugins in Cantabile. Out of curiosity what type of noise are you fighting with? A noise gate is also a solution because it will effectively mute or “Gate” the mic until you talk into it and turn the gate back on when you don’t for a period of time that you specify. I use the TrackGate from DMG Audio but there are many others both free and pay.

Hello all and that to all you for the kind replies.

The noise that I’m fighting with is some PC noise, background noise while I’m talking…

I’m using reagate-standalone. But when it opens, I can hear the background noise and that is what I’m trying to remove.

I’m using Windows 10 Pro
Mic is a HyperX Quadcast…

Thanks in advance
José Luis

I give up to test the NS1 from Waves… can’t complete the installation process. Always tell me that I’ve lost my internet connection.

Many years ago I used a noise reduction program called “SoundSoap”. I used it for removing noise from vinyl records and cassette tapes and camcorder motor noise. It might be worth a try for your computer background noise. It’s expensive to buy, but is free to try out.

Dear @Dave_C,

Thanks a lot for your kind reply.

I’ll give it a try for sure.

Kindest regards
José Luis

Is this for live use or post production?
For post I would recommend iZotope RX.

Thanks for the reply!

Most for live use, while streaming…

Jose Luis