A crash that I think I caused

Today, I had a bad crash. I tried to start a Cantabile playlist and open a song that was already open in my notation software (Personus Notion 6). I had made some changes in the midi file in Notion and wanted to check them out in the Cantabile song. Both Cantabile and Notion run on the same audio interface (Focusrite 2i4). It occurred to me that this was the cause after a lot of fussing trying to reopen Cantabile. After I closed Notion, rebooted my computer and started Cantabile back up, everything was okay
.I’m thinking trying to have both running at the same time with the same song open, using the same audio device, was a no-no but wanted to bounce it off the community to make sure.
Thanks everyone,
Terry Lafferty

Hi Terry,

You have it right, in the case of just your own asio driver (indeed most asio drivers) for your Focusrite hardware it can only run one audio program at a time but some of our community uses other software solutions for running multiple sound programs at the same time like Voicemeeter and Voicemeeter Pro. (MOTU drivers are reported to work with multiple sound apps as well)


Great information Dave. I guess, by luck, I’ve never done that before and now will know enough not to. Thanks for your input!

Hi @terrylaff Did you send through a crash report for this? Don’t remember seeing it.

Basically, it shouldn’t crash if two programs try to use it at the same time (unless there’s bug in the driver I guess) - one should just fail to start.