A Couple of small GUI things

Hi @Brad,

On version 4156, a couple of GUI things.

  1. On the right click popup for racks and plugins, the Color choice appears to be redundant. It shows in the new properties box and in the popup.

  2. On the View menu, the Metronome, Timeline and Onscreen Keyboard bring up the selection, but don’t show a check mark or toggle off like Menu Bar, Tab Bar, Tool Bar.

Keep up the good work


Yes, I added to the color combo to the properties for completeness of settings, but wasn’t keen to remove the quick access to it via the menu.

This is by design because those commands don’t toggle - they always show the Metronome, Timelie, or Onscreen Keyboard. To hide them you use the View → Hide Active Panel/Bar.

The rationale for this is so that Ctrl+K (for example) always focuses the on-screen keyboard. If it’s hidden it shows it and focuses it. If it’s visible focus is moved to it.

If you don’t like this behaviour you can remap the Ctrl+ keys in Options → Hot Keys from Show to Toggle .

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