A couple of new thing in build 3600

New in build 3600 (up now)

Tap Tempo Settings

Right click on the tap tempo button on the main toolbar for new “Tap Tempo Settings”. See the guide for explanation of the modes.



Set List Grid Layout Direction

You can now arrange the set list grid in either “down then across” or “across then down” layout order. Right click on the set list grid, choose “Adjust Grid Layout” and there’s a new option at the bottom:


Printable State List

You can now print the states for a song or rack via the hamburger menu on the state panel:


I’ve also updates the printable set list to include the program numbers of songs.

Note: there was a file missing from build 3600 that prevents this from working. It’ll be fixed in the next build, but in the meantime there’s a workaround here.

Source Binding for Tempo Flash Settings:

Two new binding sources:


(these were available as binding targets before but can now act as a binding source too)

Fixed Show Notes Truncation Issue

Finally, build 3598 introduced the new “complex text rendering” also introduced a bug with rendering show notes. This is fixed in 3599.


Nice package Brad, Thanks!

Jeez I can’t believe there’s been 100 builds since the 35xx series were first released.


Great improvements!
How about the flash of the metronome itself? Can I somehow output the flash-signal to control an external LED for tempo visualization?

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What is the group’s experience with Cantabile experimental builds like these? Safe for stage or risky?

Mostly stable with some bug. I always take a zipped backup before replacing the c3 files.

A very important update to me.
Can’t wait for the notes to be chordpro compliant and fully wysiwyg.
Can’t wait to try it all out, since I’m in the Belgian woods now on holiday :kissing_heart:

Can be risky. Should be ok for rehearsal/practice but I wouldn’t go live with an experimental build. Usually I’ll upgrade experiment builds to stable one they’ve been out for a couple of weeks with no critical issues reported.

I’m not sure brad, how can i check out those new notes?


I NEVER take an update of C3, or any other programs or equipment to the stage without complete testing at home or rehearsal. Since I gig several times a week, I usually wait to update anything when I have a few consecutive days off to test. Not a great experience to crash at a gig…it only took one time for me to learn my lesson. Many times I wanted to try a new update, but waited several weeks till I had testing time.



:fireworks: :sparkler: :firecracker: :tada: :balloon: :confetti_ball: :sweat_drops:


You can always run several versions of c3?

True, but would not take that chance on stage. I am far too busy performing to have to stop and run another version because I wanted to try an update in live situation. Would much rather start a gig KNOWING everything runs clean from my trials at home. Then, I only have to do what I was paid for…perform an excellently executed night of music. :sunglasses:

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True, i take allot of risk, like lately my Akai Max 49 for the first time and open air. Started to jump touch faders. So i had to reprogram all faders on the keyboard between 2 songs during the guitar solo :joy:


Got some index error when loading a multi states file, so indeed 3600 is not stage ready :slight_smile:
I reported Brad.

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Hi @So_Godly

As mentioned in email I’ll need to the song’s rack files to diagnose this.


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Hopefully fixes in 3601, available now.

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Seems good so far :slight_smile:

“Rome wasn’t built in a day”.

Brad, you might want to splash “CANTABILE” somewhere on the main screen, like OneSmallClue did with “Grace”, if there is any real estate left. My Youtube video (CV30 MIDI Guitar) could have served as advertising. I’ve got one manufacturer considering the guitar but I expect them to respond with “That’s what we do for a living”. We’ll see.

Today i gigged with 3601 and it’s stable enough!

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