58 plugins loading... where can I see which ones?

Is there a way to find out in an overview what plugins where?
The report only gives error plugins?
Is there a way that it can show all the plugins and their relation to?

It’s on the list:

See here: Set List Verification

and here: https://trello.com/c/4iLyBTjx/485-set-list-reporting


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Thx, i saw this before i guess. Looking forward, it’s good to double check your system before take off :sunglasses:

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Pretty strange here, as I created a new setlist for my other band with pretty much the same plugins, but this time it only loads 6 plugins.
So somewhere to many plugins are loaded in my initial playlist?

Never mind, seems that preload setlist is a setting per … setlist :slight_smile: So I checked that now, still load 38 plugins, so looking forward for this feature to have my setup optimised.

Eh wow !!! I just clicked on my song names in the list and seemes that the routing is under it !!!
Thx Brad (you are wonderful)