5-pin Din MIDI out to USB on PC

I’ve got a Yamaha YPT-310. It has a 5-pin Din port for MIDI Out and I want to connect that into one of my W10 PC’s USB ports. Is there a cable for this? (or, how else can I get my keyboard to talk to Cantabile?) I can make a cable if that is what it takes, but I would need a wiring diagram.

For the simplest solution you could try something like this :

MIDI IN/OUT to USB Converter

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No way to just solder a wire - what you are looking for is a MIDI Interface. There are tons of them - take a look here.

A number of audio interfaces also have MIDI interfaces built into them; not sure what your usage scenario is; if you are planning to use Cantabile for playing VST instruments live, a good option might be an audio interface with MIDI ports like the Presonus AudioBox.



Thanks for the responses, dave_dore and Torsten. I’m finding a few things to be true more and more often: 1) nothing happens by magic (there’s always a reason), and 2) buying ready-made, multi-purpose stuff usually adds latency and complications. I’m guessing that the Windows 10 USB port could be served by one side of an optocoupler – the other side of which could take the signal from the Din out to light up its LED. Any opinions?

So everyone currently accessing Cantabile through a keyboard is buying one of these ready-made cables or converters, huh?. Interesting.

A little used M-Audio MidiMan 1x1 or even 2x2 (for expansion!) used can probably be had for under $25 used and they’re bulletproof :wink:

I Agree with Torsten though- whatever your solution for getting audio out of your computer often should be the solution for getting MIDI into it as well. That means it’s all controlled by one driver on one port.

I have one of these I’ll sell you today for $40 + shipping if you want, was about to put it on Reverb! Barely used.


Many Keyboards now have a USB type B connectors with dedicated MIDI to USB converters built in (some have both DIN and USB type B) so they connect directly to the USB jack on your computer but the connections pull out easily, so the 5 pin DIN is sometimes preferred “live” and then put through a converter box to get it to a USB port.


Essentially, that’s what part of the MIDI interface is - all MIDI interfaces contain optocouplers. But what about the other stuff around a MIDI interface: do you really want to build the controller logic and drivers yourself? MIDI interfaces are commodities nowadays - why on earth do you want to re-develop the wheel?

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Okay, Torsten’s part about the controller logic and drivers clarified the missing “some magic happens here” and closed the deal for me (so I’ll check out the local Guitar Center for the interface). Thanks too for the other inputs – my keyboard doesn’t have a usb port, and I avoid S/H whenever I can. Thanks to all again, – Ron

The ultra inexpensive ($7 USD, free shipping) USB MIDI interface arrived yesterday, 11 days after I placed the order online from the Dal Group in NY. The USB plugs into the computer’s USB port, the 5-pin MIDI IN plugs into my keyboard’s MIDI OUT port, and the 5-pin MIDI OUT plugs into the keyboard’s MIDI IN port. It works great!

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