3647: Custom button stopped working?


I bound the first of the three custom buttons on a Linked Rack to open my plug-in’s GUI when pressed. This was working fine in 3646, but in 3647 the button turns blue, but nothing happens.


Hi The_Elf, no trouble here with buttons on 3647 after update. Not sure what the glitch is if the binding is still intact.



As far as I can see everything is as it was. I made a screen recording to show what’s happening:


Thanks for the video, it shows the problem plainly. Have you tried disabling that binding and making a new one? Just wonder if creating new ones is still working …



How did you set a custom image for the button? :relaxed:

regards, Alexander


Recreating the binding isn’t helping.

Wonder if the co-ordinates of the GUI window are being stored from my two-screen computer? I usually have the GUI open on the extended monitor. This is only not working on my one-screen laptop.


Custom icons: Though they’re simply extended key codes, I use this page to find and copy the icons: Icons

Click on a symbol you like and it is copied into your copy buffer. Then paste where you’d like to put it.


There’s also the Windows 10 mechanism for inserting Emojis: Win & . (period) - opens a pop-up with the common emoji range on Windows (searchable)


Hа-ha …“Oh, yesterday came suddenly” :grin:
Thanks for the tip!
Didn’t think that way

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Hi @The_Elf,

Just did some test here and seems to work fine. What happens if you go back to 3646 does it work again?

Is anyone else having this problem?



I plugged my laptop into my TV and used it as a second monitor. Then I used the custom buttons and they worked; not opening on the TV screen, but on my laptop screen, just as normal. The TV remained blank.

When I unplugged from the TV everything was back to normal again. The custom button shortcut to the plug-in GUI is working perfectly.

Maybe something to do with my laptop’s graphics?

The thing that still puzzles me is the custom button remaining blue while I was having this problem - normally it only turns blue momentarily?


The way the buttons act here is that when pressed they stay blue until another button or field is selected on the routes pane like the state or rack name.


Then my money is still on the GUI being opened outside of the screen borders.