3645 MIDI filtering 'Suppress' entry not allowing Poly Aftertouch through

When I add a MIDI ‘Suppress’ filter it is always filtering out Poly Aftertouch, no matter what settings I use.

I don’t have a poly-aftertouch keyboard with me right now to test this but I checked the code and it should filter poly-at the same as any other note event.

ie: if you have a range of notes filtered out, then the aftertouch events for those same notes should also be filtered out. For unfiltered notes the aftertouch should be passed through.

If you’d like to send me a little midi recording with some after touch events in it I’ll check it out properly.


Thanks for the response, mate. I will sort out a recording for you later today.

But what you’ve said may already have explained what is happening.

In my ‘Device Hub’ Racks I separate out many elements into individual outputs, and one of them is Aftertouch. To do this I suppress notes, but I want Aftertouch to still make it through. I will create a ‘Notes with Poly Aftertouch’ output to see what happens.

Here you can see what I’m doing:

Yep, that will suppress after touch events. “Notes” in this filter means note on, note off and after touch events.

Why would you want after touch without the notes?


Yes, that’s what I realised. But I’ve ended up with a combination somehow where notes are getting through, but poly aftertouch isn’t. I need to think this one through…

I don’t know what’s going on. In one of my Songs (a very complex one!) I’m getting notes through from a poly AT keyboard, but no poly AT. When I create a simple test song with poly AT routed it works fine.

I’m going to delete and start again.

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Second time through and it’s working fine now. Put it down to professional idiocy! No idea what was happening.

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