3585 x86 Touch screen, drag to Scroll not working in Routing panel...'

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…after tapping a control. I think this is since the routing diagrams were implemented?

Is it just me?

…and on build 3587.

To reiterate: I’m using a Surface Pro. After C3 has loaded I can scroll up and down the routing panel by sliding with my finger. But after interacting with anything on that panel (or the routing diagram panel) I can no longer scroll with my finger - although I can with the mouse. I am abkle to “finger scroll” the digram panel, set list panel (and probably others). Normal behaviour doesn’t return until I restart C.

(I guess I’m the only one affected…)

Hi Ernest,

You are right in my case, I don’t have a surface but @brad should know about this if you haven’t already told him. Hope it gets sorted out! This tag ought to alert him.


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Hi @WeepingBoil,

Thanks for reporting… I’ll check it out and see if I can reproduce soon.


I also have a surface pro (1) and have the same issue. On the Set List Grid scrolling works the first time only. After selecting a song and going back to the Set List Grid, scrolling no longer works. Tried every version up to 3590. Went back to version 3580 (before routing diagrams were implemented) and scrolling works correctly.

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Fixed in 3592 (should be up soon).

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