3585 x86 Touch screen, drag to Scroll not working in Routing panel...'

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…after tapping a control. I think this is since the routing diagrams were implemented?

Is it just me?


…and on build 3587.

To reiterate: I’m using a Surface Pro. After C3 has loaded I can scroll up and down the routing panel by sliding with my finger. But after interacting with anything on that panel (or the routing diagram panel) I can no longer scroll with my finger - although I can with the mouse. I am abkle to “finger scroll” the digram panel, set list panel (and probably others). Normal behaviour doesn’t return until I restart C.


(I guess I’m the only one affected…)


Hi Ernest,

You are right in my case, I don’t have a surface but @brad should know about this if you haven’t already told him. Hope it gets sorted out! This tag ought to alert him.



Hi @WeepingBoil,

Thanks for reporting… I’ll check it out and see if I can reproduce soon.