32bit VST's - What was the program that made it work in 64bit

I remember reading about a program that made 32bit VST’s work in 64bit Cantabile

  • What was the name??


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Thank you so much Dave, One of the things I really like about cantabile is the community support

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The other thing to remember with Cantabile and jbridge is that you do not need to jbridge your 32 bit VSTs, like you do in DAWS, for use in Cantabile.

Cantabile will recognise jbridge’s presence and do it for you.


There also is DDMF Metaplugin. I tried it out a while ago with my own plugins developed more than ten years ago and it worked fine. With Cantabile I use only 64 bit plugins.

Haven’t heard of that one before. For Cantabile, I would recommend jbridge for the seamless integration, unless Brad has done the same for other bridges such as the one you mention

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jbridge works great, Thanks Dave, Thanks all

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