3216 Fadercap disappears (resolved)

When a controller is bound to a fader, the fadercap will disappear at CC 116 and above.

Take a look at Tools->Options->Keyboard & Controls -> Control Curves.

If the Slider Gain Control Curve is different from the MIDI Control Curve, you’ll get this phenomenon.



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Learn something new every day :+1:

But is it still a bug?

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Or is the current operation some kind of warning?
I have no idea what happens when the fadercap disappears - I’m guessing the fader is max’d? Need to check.

What’s happening here is probably that you’ve got a control curve or binding that’s pushing the value slightly (or perhaps alot) off the top of the slider range. Check the range of the controller curve you’ve got selected and the range of the binding that’s driving it.

So the behavior acts as a warning, and is correct?

Well it’s correct behaviour. I don’t know if I’d say it’s a warning - it’s just the slider can’t paint the knob correctly if it’s out of range.