2019 Summer sale is on at Acousticsamples

Get up to 50% off your purchase! The base discount is 30% off. You can get up to an additional 25% off the total amount if you purchase multiple products.

  • The summer sale ends august 31st, so don’t miss it.

** The additional discount increases with the number of products added to your cart.

B-5 Organ is 69€
VTines is 69€

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Just curious, if I already have the latest GSI VB and the IK Leslie, does this one offer anything over and above that combination?

I am actually satisfied with the Blue 3 organs, but I’ve been thinking about switching from LoungLizard to Vtines for quite some time.

Maybe someone has similar experiences?

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I have Lounge Lizard 3 and 4 and also bought VTines earlier this year. Based on a recommendation here (sorry, I don’t recall who it was just now) I revisited Velvet 2 and actually like it better than the other two. It’s still on offer at a silly discount here:


To be fair I’m using it from the lower keyboard on my XK3 setup so maybe Vtines is a tad better when played on a properly weighted keyboard. Velvet has great Wurlitzer sounds, too, which Vtines doesn’t do.

I use the B5/IK Multimedia Leslie combination as my main organ controlled from the XK3 and find it perfect. It was a good deal at €99 but €69 is a bargain for the quality of sound.


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Regarding piano’s, I’d love to see a plugin that combines all existing pianos.
I’m kinda missing the super piano’s from the 80’s.
You know, DX piano’s combined with pads and Sampled WS piano’s.
Any suggestions (also how to make it and the variants, maybe I’ll create it in Xpand and share it here.)
I know UVI made the keysuite but somehow it doesnt reflect the piano’s I’m looking for.

Hi Derek

As you know, everything is subjective, especially in musical instruments. VB3 II is pretty damn good with just it’s resident Leslie now, after several updates. IK makes it shine. B5 is exceptionally good with it’s resident Leslie. IK adds nothing.

My test on the “Tweaks” thread:

That was almost a year ago. Since then, updates has improved loading times and CPU drain. Also, iLok software has improved.

You know I am a Hammond geek, and I find some positive in every vst with drawbars. Pretty sure I have nearly every Hammond clone made. I look at my stable of clones as different Hammond types, and choose the one that fits the song. I also use IK in several setups.
As an all-in-one Hammond clone, I would choose B-5. It has an amazing woody feel, and like other products from Acoustic Samples, they give a feel of actually sitting at the real instrument. I balked at B-5 for a long time because it’s original price was a bit steep, but took the dive, and was disappointed. Arno gave us users a free update to v2 (unlike GSI), and I was stunned how good this clone was. At 69€, it is a steal from the original price.



Other references:

I have a bunch of Acoustic Samples instruments. Here are some thoughts.

ILock - I’ve had no problems with it in the past year. You get three authorizations.

UVI - You need it and it’s free, but the new version only works with x64. The older version is still available but won’t work with VTines.

B5 - Sounds good and lots of organ choices, but it sounds better for jazz than rock. I hardly use it any more. Every time he comes out with a new version, you lose your host automation, so it doesn’t play as well in a cantabile rack. Takes a while to load in C3. I much prefer VB3.

Mark 79 - Very nice sounding electric piano. Lot’s of amp choices and realistic mechanical sounds. Great tremolo. Does not sound as good in the low range if you want punch or a bark. Never have been able to get the bass to bark like a real Rhodes. I prefer Velvet now and use Lounge Lizard sometimes.

Clavi D9 - Unfortunately, AS doesn’t offer demos and I regret this one. Have never been able to get it to sound right and it distorts easy if you drive it hard like Stevie Wonder or George Duke.

Old Black Grand - This one is really unique. I use it more for fun and haven’t really tried it with a rock band. You have to really mess with the velocity curve in cantabile for it to not feel muddy. Sounds nice when used with a midi file. Use it with a separate reverb and it sounds even better. Get it if you enjoy playing piano a lot and want a different sound. Probably not a good choice as a workhouse piano.

C7 Grand - Excellent sample of a Yamaha piano. Has a lot of power on it’s own. I use it a lot for rendering midi files I give my choir students to practice with. It does not mix as well in a band with two guitars. For solo stuff or a jazz trio, it is great. Takes a while to load in C3. I prefer Pianoteq’s version for a live rock band.

Academic Grand - This is my favorite offering from AS. I used it constantly before getting Pianoteq. It sounds really great live and plays well in a two guitar band. It also sounds great in mono.

Since it is on sale, I will probably get the Kawai Ex Pro. I probably don’t need another piano, but I love playing with different sounds, so …

  • Paul

Dexed does the original DX7 electric piano nicely. You need to add reverb though. Korg M! does that sound well too.

Some of those recordings, especially David Foster, was the DX7 combined with an acoustic piano. Or, if you go back a little bit, it was an actual Rhodes with the DynaMyPiano tweak combined with an acoustic piano.


  • Piano

P.S. - Dexed is free, btw


Hey Paul,

I still use Academic Grand in most of my songs. It is an older version that runs in Kontakt…before AS moved to iLok. I actually played this piano they sampled at the University of Arkansas…what a great sounding instrument.

Actually, it is not limited to just jazz. It covers a wide array of styles. Amazing for Gospel and Soul. I use it in Rock whether meaning the Rock of Petty, Clapton, Argent, ELP or more organ driven Rock…and yes, original VB3 dominates Jon Lord sound, but I am not currently doing a Deep Purple tribute. :wink:
B5 gives what VB3 didn’t. It does take longer to load, unless you preload your sets. That’s because of it is a hybrid samples/emulation. I gigged with only VB3 for years. I was very happy with it, but since I play many different styles, it missed the mark, especially in the higher harmonics. B5 has those. Again, this is why I consider my huge collection of Hammond clones as different models for different songs. The same with pianos and e-pianos. I think I am lucky to live in a time when so many possibilities are at our fingertips. :sunglasses:



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Thanks, Corky

I may check it out then, while it is at a bargain price :slight_smile:

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Well, as I just had my monthly “pocket money” from my Java Librarian sales :slight_smile: , I pulled the trigger on this whilst it was on sale. Will check it out later today/tomorrow and feed back my thoughts.

The one thing I wish these Clonewheel vendors would consider is to provide is some decent videos/organs of these organs doing rock/prog! Blues/Soul/Gospel are well covered, but for us rockers, it can be hard to gauge how well they will do in our context. I’ve taken a chance on it, none the less, based on Corky’s notes. :slight_smile: