2 small feature requests


I’m on my phone right now and couldn’t for the life of me work out how to add a card to Trello, so apologies for posting this here…

I’ve got a couple of requests for little additions that would make a big difference to me.

One is the ability to group midi routes like you can with bindings. I do quite a lot of mapping of notes to chords/different notes (coz when I’m playing live, I’m lazy…). This can sometimes lead to large numbers of MIDI routes. For example, in a recent song, I mapped 2 bars of 16th notes from a chromatic scale to 2 different notes per note played. This led to 64 midi routes for this state which becomes unwieldy through all the other states in a song. Being able to group these would hide some of the clutter.

The next is just a suggestion of being able to select multiple routes and enable/disable, change target etc all at once. This would be good also in the above situation because if (like I did…) you decide to add the mapping routes after creating the song, the new routes appear in the all states of the song in various states of repair, so being able to highlight them all in each state and disable them all with one click would be most useful.

I’m sure that I’m doing the mapped notes thing in an inefficient way but that’s the way I worked it out…



I’ve had a similar situation and realized that the way to clean this up was to put all the MIDI routes for a particular function into an embedded rack, where it’s not cluttering up the main routing screen. Just a suggestion.

– Jimbo

That’s a good thought!

Cheers for that.