2 of the same Synths

Hi all,
I have a Triton extreme 61 and Triton extreme 88 that I am trying to use. I have added both synths under MIDI ports and named them accordingly. I thought all was fine, but there is no response from the 88 only the 61 when I assign either to a input port. Is this because they are both the same synth. If so, is there a work around please.


How do you connect them? USB or Midi?

Sorry, they are both connected via USB.

Hi. How do the devices show up in device manager?

There are also known issues with the Korg USB MIDI driver depending on the number of ports in the system. I can point you to stuff on that later if you are not already aware of it.

Does not matter if they are the same. Check your MIDI channel assignments in Cantabile and on the keyboards.

Hi guys, I think I have sorted in now. I’ve created 2 new input ports with one on Midi Ch 1 and the other on 2. Ive created a song, then a new state. I have one rack created called Synths. On the States screen I have added 2 input ports, both destination to “SYNTHS - MIDI in” with one of CH1-1 and one on CH2-2. The when I click the rack I have added 2 routes to Xpand2 midi in. One set to Ch1-1 and one to Ch2-1. They both play the same plugin and sound. I guess my question is. Is this the best way.


I’m still a bit confused as to what you are trying to accomplish. Do you want both boards to play the same sound like layers, or do you want each board to play it’s own sound? I use multiple instances of Xpand2 in my songs and setlists. I created racks for each type of instrument I use in Xpand2. Ex: Brass, strings, pads, leads, basses. Each rack has all the presets set to sounds I use from that grouping. I can use either keyboard to trigger any rack or preset I choose. If I want layers, I just route one of the keyboards to multiple racks. If I need to play different parts I can split either board and route each split to a different rack.
It really doesn’t matter which board is the trigger or which rack receives the MIDI. It can all be done with C3.

Hi Jtoth, it was to use both boards at the same time with C3. Setting them to a Midi CH1 and 2 respectively has solved the issue and they can both control the same plugin or different ones now :slight_smile: