2 different Audio Interface


Here is my Problem.
I‘m using at First Audio Interface MOTU Ultra MK IV
The VST are routing to Different Output Channel:
Organ / Strings at Mix Channel 1/2
Piano at Mix Channel 3/4
Synth at Mix Channel 5/6
and so on. The Mixin Desk of Motu Send it on Master Output.
The Audio Interface is Build in a Rack with the Midi Interface MOTU Microlight and the Hardware Synth Roland XV5050 and Yamaha Motif Rack (only for Midifiles). There are also a Audioinput routed from Yamaha MOXF and XB5050 to Hardwareinput 1/2 and 3/4 and than also routed to Masteroutput MOTU.
Now I want to change (only) the Motu Ultralight at Home to Steinberg UR22.
C3 Tell me that the Audiooutput not available. I think its nomal because of the Standard routing.

Is there a Trick to route all Output for all Songs with a Click to Main Out Steinberg UR22 and back when use MOTU?

Thanks for helping and sorry for my very Bad english (learning at school After 40 years ago)


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