12 core 1U space rack for the road? The transformation has begun!

Just swapping out my 8 core cpu/motherboard for a 12 core 3.8ghz with 96G of ram, Thunderbolt 3 and PCIe 4.0!!! Will let you know how i make out! Lol


Interested in how you cool it.

What kind of CPU Cooler do you use?

Looks like a killer machine!

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I have 7 fans including the cpu fan in this case. They did well for my 1700x 8 core and there is a slight increase of the TDP wattage from 95watts to 105 watts for the 12 core. I had it running all night but i will be monitoring it very closely! I havnt switched over to the new PCIe Ssd yet, but hopefully that wont add to the cases’ internal temps. Ive already notice a difference but want to see the Ssd performance gain from 3 1/2 G/s to 5 G/s…

And what kind of cooler do you use? :wink:

Zero …outside of the cpu and case 40mm fans

Check the pic above, its a 1U rack space… no space for a cooler…

I tried a 1u purposed build. Couldn’t keep it cool. Sounded like a vacuum cleaner anyway. I swapped out all of the fans for “ultra quiet” ones and nothing changed. Works fine in a 2u case with a cooler.

With all the fans running does have a hum, but you dont here it on stage. Also when i record, i have my computer in another part of the house and connect my audio interface by ethernet over AVB. If for some reason the heat gets extreme ill switch to a 2U rack.

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I had a singer give me grief about the fan noise. “Martin guitars don’t make that sound”

Come to think of it, she gave me grief about my soprano sax. "isn’t that what Kenny G plays? " Guess she never heard of Coltrane.


Isn’t that normal?

The pieces are falling into place.

Bingo !! Diva on stage !! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Hey “RackedBrain” lol, just finished some stress test and an outside gig and can say that the 3900x seems to run as cool as my previous 1700x build. Cooling got a lot better after i cleaned up the wiring inside the case. It went from 171 degrees F to around 131F which seems to be the average and inside case temps are 83 degrees…

Can you say something about the performance in comparison to Intel? I thought that Intel still beats every AMD CPU when it comes to audio processing / DAW performance.

Sure, i think the “war” between AMD and PC should be tied to $$$ and performance. Im on my second gig-rig and was told by a accomplished CS engineer that the 1700x would not perform well…he was wrong along with a group of my MBP musician friends. Mist of thise bench marks are for gaming and video users and are not accurate all the time for what we are doing. Folks think that just because their cpu has a great bench mark that they can run 3 instances on a computer with 8 gigs of ram…false .I have a video on you tube where i run 11 vst’s from Keyscape to Omnisphere as 1 layer and i just control main volume. No issues so i built a 3900x and ran 18 vst’s and cpu usage was around 5%… i will post a video this week. You can use either and get good results but you have to choose the correct parts so that they complement. Also lets not forget about a good audio interface. For me AMD’s lower wattage/temps , price and performance was a key in the sucess of my 1U space build…


Yes. I think you are right. It’s difficult to find “benchmarks” for our usecase.

What kind of GPU do you use?

Im using a basic GeForce 2G 1030. Cantabile probably saves you some cpu/gpu unlike Mainstage with the enhanced graphics .

Clarify, i have a low profile cpu fan and there are 6 40mm fans across the front of the case I wired it so 2 of the 6 40mm fans follow the cpu temp and the other 4 work off an in case temp sensor and can be set independently or automatically come on when inside case temps reach 99 degrees F.

Du you have a list of the components of the beast? Thanks