10 Ways I Use Cantabile To Control My Entire House!


Well, now - shouldn’t you be ashamed of yourself for even clicking on that link!

Well, well, well. My, my, my…


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… and life as a setlist


I was just thinking you could probably do that…


…and have a super-long MIDI file turning stuff on and off for you all day, right?! :wink:

Great minds think alike. Evil, world-dominating, twisted minds think even more alike. But I digress…



I think I was on some similar meds and alcohol a few weeks ago. :upside_down_face::stuck_out_tongue:


If you can figure out a way that it can control my wife I think we have a product here!


You use MissEx messages. The problem is the protocol has never been published, and it is constantly being revised.


The reason it is constantly being revised is because it keeps leading to receiving NossEX messages, and therefore had to be adjusted to reduce that undesirable and unwanted effect.



Some unsuccessful implementations have been traced back to incorrect cabling from OUT to OUT, leading to both nodes transmitting messages and neither receiving.

We’ve had home automation for a long time (Homeseer). I learnt fairly early on that binding the motion sensor in the kitchen to a text-to-speech action of “I’ll have a cup of coffee please while you’re there” led to a broadcast storm of those NossEX messages Terry’s talking about.


From what I understand the NossEx message generator, referred to as the Headache Engine, is only enabled when the unit receives an iDo message. Unfortunately the iDo message is stored in non-volatile memory and permanently enables the HE. This also voids any warranty and makes return of the unit impossible without MASSIVE restocking fees.


Sorry…there has never been, or may never be such a program. I found divorce to be the closest solution, but even then, the monster still occasionally rears it’s ugly head. Better yet, a dome of silence at the proper moment would be quite comforting. My suggestions were sent in triplicate to Elon Musk’s board of review for approval. I think the Mars project should be scrapped and immediate discussions should begin between SpaceX and Brad on possible implementation of such a much needed solution.

Then again…I should cut back on my Vodka usage. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


What a great way to start the day. That was funny!! Vodka and divorce may lead to long life and happiness (and a lot more gigs).


Years ago, not long after the establishment of the MIDI protocol, I heard that yamaha were experimenting with using it as a home control system. :slight_smile:


Sure, why not? It’s a protocol for turning things on and off… :wink: I’m kind of shocked here we are all these years later and we still use it in all its, what, 7 bit glory though :smiley: