1 control command in 2 states

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It must be possible to make a bindind that can change settings (gain in my case) in 2 different states at one time only?

In my case, I have a song with 2 states : 3 Mediafiles, (one with drums, one with bass, and one with playback choirs …) I would like to link my choices so when I change the gain in the state 1, the changes remain in the state 2… like if it was locked for all states.
Right now, I need to adjust the settings in each states before playing the song…, sometime I can forget to change a state… It can be very horrible!!!

Or not possible???

thanx for your help

Have you checked the “state behavior” checkboxes? If you uncheck “gain” there, any change you make to that parameter will be global for the song.



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That’s it !!!
Million thx!!!